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Friday, 20-04-2018 17:00

Spring BBQ

Spring Barbeque Potluck style at Delftse Hout.

Location: https://goo.gl/t7dX87

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Friday, 01-12-2017 20:00

Alumni day together with Snellius

Between 1940 and 2003 the TU Delft Geodesy programme existed, together with accompanying student association, L.G. Snellius. Later the study programme changed and the student association almost got disbanded. 2012 Was the year that two new master programmes related to Geodesy were launched: Geomatics (at the Architecture faculty) and Geoscience and Remote Sensing (at the Civil Engineering faculty). Soon after these new programmes were created GEOS was founded (Geomatics) and L.G. Snellius (Geodesy and Remote Sensing) was brought back to life.

Currently the student associations are thriving again and therefore we would like to host an alumni day together with all alumni combined! Everyone that has ever been a member of either student associations is warmly invited to join the day. The day is planned for Saturday the 10th of March, 2018. The event will start in the afternoon, but you are more than welcome to join part of the session too.

Before we can really start to organize the event, we would like to poll everyone's interest and agendas for the day. Therefore we hereby would like to invite you to fill in the form via this link to let us know you are interested in joining this event and events in the future. Please do so before December the 1st.

Due to the separated history of the programme and student associations our member administrations might not be fully up-to-date. Therefore it would also greatly help us if you could share this message with anyone that is also an alumni, but did not get this invitation.

For any questions, please send us an email at info@geostudelft.nl

Kind regards,

GEOS and L.G. Snellius

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Wednesday, 29-11-2017 17:15

Missing Maps Delft

Wednesday the 29th of November GEOS will organize a Missing Maps event. As you may already know, Missing Maps is an initiative of the Red Cross. The objective of Missing Maps is to map the most vulnerable places in the developing world, so international and local NGOs and individuals can use the maps and data to better respond to crises affecting the areas. Next to GEOS members and Geomatics students is everyone who wants to help welcome at this 'open mapathon'! So bring your friends, roommates, classmates and relatives and help mapping disaster areas in the developing world!

Please bring your laptop, charger and mouse, and create an account on www.openstreetmap.org

Date: Wednesday 29th of November

Location: Berlage Rooms at the Faculty of Architecture

Start time: doors open at 17:15, start at 17:30

End time: 20:30

Sign up here

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Tuesday, 21-11-2017 09:00

Geobuzz, the yearly Dutch Geomatics fair

Are you looking for an internship? A job? Or are you just interested in the latest developements in the different Geomatics fields? Then join the yearly geo fair, which will host all the relevant companies in the Netherlands.

On top of the exhibition there is a selection of talks in the newest developments in the field and a walking dinner for all interested. More information on geobuzz.nl.

Student price is 25 euro, but Sweco will sponsor our tickets this year. Please send an email to events@geostudelft.nl to claim your ticket!

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Tuesday, 14-11-2017 15:45

Meettoren guided tour by Hollandse Cirkel

If you are wondering how Geomatics and Geodesy was practiced before the digital era, you surely should join this event! Volunteers of the Stichting Hollanse Cirkel, a foundation promoting the interest for the history of Geodesy, are willing to give us a free guided tour through the historic Meettoren ("measurement tower"). The Meettoren is located at the former site of the faculty of Geodesy, at Kanaalweg 4 in Delft, where the volunteers will explain us about historic instruments and tools that were used by surveyors. We gather at 15:50 o'clock at the main entrance of the Faculty of Architecture and then at 15:55 we depart to the Kanaalweg 4.

Date: Tuesday 14th of November, 15:50.

Gather at: Main entrance of the Faculty of Architecture.

Cost: free

Please sign up here

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Friday, 06-10-2017 09:00

FME GIS Workshop

This workshop will introduce you to GIS with FME. FME experts Paul Jonkman and Martin Koch from the company Tensing will be present to guide the workshop and present interesting new ways to solve your GIS problems!

More information will follow soon!

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Tuesday, 26-09-2017 09:00


INTERGEO is the world's leading conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. With over half a million event website users and over 16,000 visitors from 92 countries at INTERGEO itself, it is one of the key platforms for industry dialogue around the world.

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Monday, 18-09-2017 16:00

Workshop "Presenting yourself online & offline and network skills" - GEOS 2017

In collaboration with study asssociation GEOS Enginear will organize a workshop for all master students Geomatics. On 28 September you will visit the Intergeo fair in Berlin. During your visit you will meet many companies and organizations. You might want to find an internship here, or find out what your future job opportunities are. Therefore, the board of GEOS asked Enginear to organize a workshop with the theme: 'Presenting yourself online & offline and networking'. This interactive workshop will contain the following topics:

  • How do you leave a good impression on the companies and organizations at the Intergeo fair?
  • How can you set up a good resume, that distinguishes you from other students?
  • How should you present yourself online? How can you use LinkedIn to network?
  • How do you manage to get that dream job?

Please signup here link and read more about the event.

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Tuesday, 12-09-2017 16:00

Tour, drinks and chips at Deltares

This afternoon is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Deltares. Deltares is right on the TU Delft campus. We will gather in the Geolab and go to Deltares at 15:45. Some drinks and food will be included.

Cost: free for GEOS members

Location: Deltares Delft, Boussinesqweg 1, 2629HV Delft

Please sign up here: link

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Friday, 01-09-2017 12:00

GEOS Introduction Day

Are you a Geomatics staff, student or alumni? Come join the GEOS introduction afternoon and meet the new students. With free food and drinks!

Subscribe before 27th of August, Sunday at this link

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Friday, 07-07-2017 18:00

GEOS end of year BBQ

To close of the academic year GEOS will organize an end of year BBQ for all Geomatics students, staff and alumni.

  • Time: 18:00 till around 21:30
  • Location: Science Centre Delft
  • Cost: 10 euro GEOS members (15 for non-members)

Please sign up here:
Sign up.

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Monday, 03-07-2017 14:00

European Data Portal Discussion

A short introduction and discussion by the European Data Portal representatives.

The event will take place at Drebbelweg (DB)- IZ 4, TU Delft.

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Friday, 23-06-2017 09:00

Geomatics Day 2017

Geomatics Day gives you the opportunity to meet students, alumni and other Geo-information professionals and to explore together how Geomatics can contribute to better understand and shape the Built Environment. An afternoon full of varied presentations, spectacular demos and interesting network opportunities!

We are looking forward to meeting you again!

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Wednesday, 07-06-2017 17:00

Meet & Greet with German Geomatics students!

Guten tag fellow Geomatics students,

On Wednesday the 7th of June there will be a group of around 40 students from the MSc Geomatics program of the TU Munchen visiting Delft! They are the students of Professor Thomas Kolbe, the Visiting Professor at our faculty of this year. The German students will have a full day of events. One of these events will be a meet and greet with us: the TU Delft Geomatics students! This afternoon there will first be a plenary session with some (very) short presentations from a couple of our fellow students, followed by the meet and greet.

So, if you like to meet our fellow Geomatics students from Germany, AND you have time left of your busy schedule for the Synthesis project, please come to room B from 17:00 until 18:00, on Wednesday the 7th of June!


GEOS Geomatics Study Association

PS: after the meet & greet we can go together to the IFOT festival for food! (see https://ifot-delft.com/en)

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Wednesday, 24-05-2017 18:00

Pizza and Drinks

After the deadlines of the Synthesis project it is time to relax!

Join us at 18:00 for pizza's and drinks
Location: Science Centre courtyard

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Wednesday, 10-05-2017 12:30

FME Training Day by Tensing

Managing data from multiple sources, transforming the data and publishing the results can be a complicated process.

FME software provides a broad range of tools to make this process easier. Combine different data sources (more than 400 data formats supported) and do more with the data. Within FME data quality and validation are also very important, making it the perfect match for your next data project.

Wednesday 10th of May GEOS will host an afternoon full of hands-on training in collaboration with FME specialists from Tensing. We will look at best practices and transforming data with various transformers. There is also room to ask your own questions: it will be an interactive training.

Location: Faculty of Architecture, lecture hall E (east wing, ground floor)
Start: 12:00 (lunch and coffee)
End: ~17:00
Signup: link

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Monday, 01-05-2017 10:00

FME World Tour

Interested in FME? Join the "FME world-tour" on 1st of May in Zevenbergen to learn about the newest developments and network with the companies using this software. The lectures will touch upon subjects such as CityGML and FME skills marketing.

The speakers include Rick Klooster (Future Insight), Martin Koch (Tensing), Hans van der Maarel (Red Geographics) and Itay Bar-On (ETL Solution). Take note, that the subscription form (link below) is in Dutch, but the lectures will be mostly in English.

The event will take place in Hotel De Borgh, IJshof 1, Zevenbergen. It is free and includes a lunch and drinks after.

Register here

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Thursday, 20-04-2017 13:00

Symposium 'Anders Verlegd'

Dear Geomaticians,

One of our fellow students tipped us about this symposium that might interest you: Thursday the 20th of April the COB (Centrum voor Ondergronds Bouwen) together with Leiden municipality organizes the symposium 'Anders Verlegd' to discuss challenges that come with building underground, such as insfrastructure and electricity networks.

Next to professionals in the field, they also want to include students who are interested in this field of research where the focus is on underground infrastructure: it might be an interesting topic for the MSc thesis!

Some practical information:
What: Symposium 'Anders Verlegd'
Language: Dutch
Where: Holiday Inn Leiden, Leiden
When: Thursday the 20th of April, 13:00 - 16:30 (free drinks afterwards)
Costs: Free
For more information and registering for the event: contact one of the GEOS board members before Friday the 14th (via info@geostudelft.nl or at the Geolab).

You can also find more information here: link

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Friday, 24-03-2017 16:00

Drone Demonstration

Want to experience flying with a drone? Come join us on Friday after the lectures!

Location: Open in Maps

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Tuesday, 21-03-2017 19:00

Tableau Workshop at TU Delft

Tableau, a software development company for data visualization, will be giving a workshop on their software next week, March 21 in the TU Delft library (19.00-22.00). The spots are limited, so make sure you subscribe quickly (link below)!

Register here

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Monday, 20-03-2017 07:00

OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meeting

The OGC Staff will be leading a webinar to facilitate the upcoming OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meetings at TU Delft. The Tentative agenda for the webinar is: 1. TC Policy update 2. Quick look back 3. Upcoming meeting events 4. Upcoming meeting logistics 5. Land Administration Activites in the week prior to the TC Week including the UNGGIM Meeting and joint LADM Standardisation Meeting. Free entrance for students.

More information

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Thursday, 09-03-2017 15:00

Master Event

Taking part in the master event tomorrow? Make sure to drop by the Geomatics stand to have a chat with us!

More information

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