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Saturday, 24-04-2021 16:00

Geomatics walk in the park!

This Saturday, April 24th, we will have our fourth Geomatics walk in the park event.

We will meet at 4pm at the parking place P1 Delftse Hout close to restaurant Knus.

Guilherme and Daniel from GEOS will be leading the walk.



Hiking shoes or comfortable shoes recommended Please bring your own bottle of water. And maybe an umbrella.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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Friday, 16-04-2021 14:00


On Friday the 16th of April, GEOS held a geocaching event!

2 groups of four searched Delft for hidden geocaches! 

After the final geocache was found, there was an open air distanced afternoon in the sunshine in the Delftse Hout!

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